NBA Award Giveaways!

Welcome back Easy Talkers!!! NBA awards will be given out tonight and I will give my take on them!! Let’s go!!!


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Rookie Of The Year: Malcolm Brogdon

  • I can’t quite get behind the Embiid train for the simple fact he didn’t play enough games… I don’t quite mind about not playing back to back games but, 31 games to Brogdon’s 75. But more about Malcolm…  he averaged 26.4 minutes, 10.2ppg, 4.2ast, 2.8rbs, 1.2stls, 45.7fg, 40.3-3pt. The 3 point percentage, assist, and steals are actually highest of all rookies and don’t let the stats really fool you… he was drafted 36th the lowest of any player nominated, and didn’t have role until  earned one… he played crucial minutes in the playoffs too.


Sixth Man Of The Year: Eric Gordon

  • Eric Gordon had a re surged year in Houston thanks to their style of play and flat out scoring the 3 point shot when needed. He came off the bench averaging 31 mintues per game, 16.2ppg, 2.5ast, 2.7 rbs, on 40.2fg, and 37.2% from downtown. He was a huge help besides James Harden, to win 50 games this year. It would be an awesome year for Gordon to win this award since he has battling injuries and finally put together a strong season… and the 6th man award would look nice to his 3-point championship award he earned this year.


Defensive Player Of The Year: Draymond Green

  • Now Ill be honest.. I had Kawhi earlier and I had to change it… I think Kahwi is still underrated and gets no love but, what Draymond has done this season has beeen as good. His ability to guard pretty much anyone on the floor even 5’s amazes me. He is the anchor of that Golden State team and a big reason they have 2 rings and could of had a 3rd… His stat’s don’t pop out but, that’s because he just plays strickly defense… he did average 2 steals a game.


Most Improved: Giannis Antetokounmpo

  • There are so many players that are deserving of this award but, the person who stood out the most and everyone seen coming was Giannis… His length, his explosiveness, the way he euro-steps to the basket from half court is amazing to watch and almost unstoppable… He led his team to the playoffs even after Jabrari Parker went down with an injury and put a scare into the Raptors… He averaged 22.9ppg, 8.8rbs, 5.4ast, 1.9 blocks, and 1.6 steals… shooting 52% from the field…. compared to last years stats that were… 16.9ppg, 7.7rbs, 4.3ast, 1.4blks, and 1.2s, on 50% shooting. Besides the stats you can just feel he was the most improved watching his game each and every night.


Coach Of The Year: Mike Van D’Antoni

  • Ugh… very upset Brad Stevens wasn’t a finalist as I thought personally he should have won it this year and last year… Maybe next year. But you have to give credit were credit is due… V’Antoni led the Rocket’s to 55-27 record good enough for 3rd in the West. He changed the way the Rocket’s played and fed more into what Harden liked… Double the offense and less defense. He also moved James Harden to the point guard position and wow… did that work. Harden averged career highs in points, assist, and rebounds.


Executive Of The Year: Bob Myers

  • He got Kevin Durant. Boom.


Most Valuable Player: James Harden

  • Now before everyone starts hating I want Westbrook to win too… but I picked Harden and I have to stick with it… he led his team to 55 wins and also beat Russ, head to head in the playoffs… Yes better team but, almost averaged the same as Westbrook with more player’s who scored on his team… Westbrook shot 400 more times than the next guy… including Harden. As mentioned earlier for coach of the year… Harden averaged career high’s in points, assist, and rebounds… I believe that the NBA has robed Harden of the MVP, 2 years in a row… You had to give it to Curry the last 2 year’s and I believe it is Hardens time…






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