Chris Paul trade… What’s it mean to the league?

Good afternoon my Easy Talkers! I’m sorry about the past 2 days and I haven’t kept up with my articles… WWWL will be back next Wednesday so, definitely be on the lookout! but today I will be talking about the continued madness of this NBA off-season so far…

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So, if you haven’t heard… Chris Paul has been traded to the Houston Rockets. Yes I know it sounds like a 2K trade but, this is for real! CP3 was rumored to choose Houston because; he wanted to play with James Harden… fair enough. But the trade that took place might have hurt the Rocket’s more than helped them… Let’s take a look at the actual trade between the Rocket’s and Clippers…

Clippers Receive:  Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, Montrezl Harrell, Darrun Hilliard, DeAndre Liggins, Kyle Wiltjer, a protected first-round pick next year and cash considerations. (The Rockets acquired Hilliard from Detroit and Liggins from Dallas for cash considerations before adding them to the deal.)

Rocket’s Receive: Chris Paul.

Seven, count them seven, players were dealt for one player who happens to be Chris Paul… On top of that a 2018 first-round pick top 3 protected and cash. You might think right off the bat, the Rocket’s won the trade automatically but, I am not a fan of giving up bench pieces and young rookie’s with potential. Say what you want but, both Montrezl and Sam Dekker showed flashes of what they can become in the league… sure not superstar’s but, every good team has role players even in this “super-team era”. Lou Williams is no slouch… sure the contract situation’s left him with one more year and then he is a free agent but, with a winning culture you never know what would happen to an extension/re-signing… The Rocket’s traded for him last year thinking that could maybe push them over the edge so, trade him like no problem? The same can be said about Patrick Beverley… his contract is up in 2019 but, you never what could happen from then to now. Beverley is a super-underrated player when it comes to defense but, lacks on the offensive end at times. Lou Williams + Patrick Beverley = CP3 with less assist numbers. Yes, you get Chris Paul and along with that the Rockets, will get a scorer, floor general, leader, basketball IQ, and of course… another fall guy in Houston.

Will CP3 fit? How is the rest of the league affected?

Well, right off the bat I would say no, Chris Paul doesn’t fit in Houston just because James Harden needs the ball in his hands and it showed last year in career highs in points, assists, and rebounds. But with the basketball IQ of not only Paul and Mike D’Antoni (Coach of the year), he will make the two star’s mesh together… Harden is a shooting guard after all so I believe the pass-first CP3 and relentless offensive force Harden is these two will be top-3 backcourt in the NBA. I believe Houston sort of fit’s CP3 in one certain way he loves… no defense will be played. Ha, I don’t want to take a shot but, hey I got to call it like I see it. Let’s take a look at how the Rockets line up will look come next year and after that I will explain how this trade affect’s the league…


PG- Chris Paul

SG- James Harden

SF- Trevor Ariza

PF- Ryan Anderson

C- Clint Capela

Bench- Eric Gordon, Shawn Long, Chinanu Onuaku

Free Agent’s- Nene, Bobby Brown, Troy Williams

As you can tell it is far from the perfect lineup and they will have to sign someone else and some of their free agents but, that brings me to my next point… They can and are willing to sign another big time free agent. Paul George is their #1 guy and if that doesn’t work Carmelo Anthony, is option 2… Not a bad plan B but, I don’t see Paul George being traded to Houston because, of many reasons. One… the Rocket’s has absolutely nothing to give to the Pacers now via trades and George can be traded before he gets to walk, Two… besides hopping over to the Western Conference for the Lakers, I believe Paul thinks it would be smarter to stick with Boston and try to beat LeBron or, join LeBron to take on any Western Conference foe. Houston looks good but, not good enough. Now will this current Houston team take them all the way this year? No. But the strategy for Daryl Morey (Rockets GM), is in place. CP3 is a huge free agent that is joining their team with an already gigantic super-star James Harden… Come the next couple summer’s when more free agent’s get to the end of their contract’s they will at least take a look at Houston and consider it… and even though I stated that this certain team won’t do crazy damage but, you have to give it to the Rockets… CP3 and the Beard do seem sexy.



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